Honest 2020 Toyota Supra Commercial

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Honest 2020 Toyota Supra Commercial, After years and years of speculation then confirmation, Toyota has taken the wraps off the 2020 Supra sport … – 2020 Toyota Supra


If the 2020 Toyota Supra commercial was honest, here’s what it would say.

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Have you been shopping for that perfect sports car and thought…

I wish Toyota made something cool again.

Well, do we have just the car for you.

This the all new 2020 BMW Supra.

It’s a Toyota? You gotta be joking.

This is the new 2020 Toyota Supra.

It has a 335 horsepower engine built by BMW, and no manual transmission option.

It’s the Supra we think everyone’s been asking for.

Let’s be honest here, It’s basically a BMW Z4…

But we changed some body panels and put a Toyota badge on it.

People say we’re out of touch with what our customers want.

We think we touched you in all the right places.

You like vents?

The supra has 10 of them.

They’re all fake, but damn they look cool.

Look at this fake vent panel on the door.

When designing the car we realized the rear was way wider than the Z4 door and it looks kinda funny.

So we took the lazy way out and put this massive plastic panel on the car to make things more even.

Don’t worry about the panel gap, you can’t see it when you get in the car.

You like engines?

The Toyota has one.

With only 20 more HP than the 1998 version, it is a huge disappointment to everyone.

You like the iconic Supra tail lights?

The new Supra doesn’t have them.

We thought it was better to just copy the Infiniti Q60 to give it that luxury look.

Ya, we could have made the tail lights more like the iconic Supra of the 90’s…

Like this render some random dude on the internet made.

(Wow that’s cool, why didn’t we do that?)

You love the reliability of a Toyota?

Too bad…

The new Supra will be totally unreliable.

That’s why we partnered with BMW.

We didn’t want a car that ran perfectly all the time.

Stop being so selfish. We need your electronics to fail.

After all… We have to make some profit on your repair bill too.

With all these amazing features…

We think the new Toyota Supra is the best car ever made.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here’s what Supra fans have to say.

Come to think of it… we should have called this the new BRZ.

How did we go from this (concept pic) to this? (New car)

We did A LOT OF DRUGS in the design room.

That’s why it looks like a squished version of the concept we put out years ago.

We had to fit this darn thing on the tiny Z4 frame.

At Toyota we ask you to “believe the hype”.

Because HYPE is the only thing this car had going for it.

I get it. You’re disappointed.

So are we.

If you have 50 grand you can toss in the trash can.

Buy the 2020 Toyota Supra.

To learn more about this disaster and build your own, visit http://notabmw.com

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Honest 2020 Toyota Supra Commercial

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