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2020 GENESİS G90 VIP İNTERİOR EXTERİOR, Away from the Los Angeles Auto Show — in Seoul, South Korea — Genesis pulled the sheet off its refreshed flagship, the 2020 Genesis G90. – 2020 Genesis G90

Korea’s 2020 Genesis G90 Limousine Is Proper Gangnam Style | CarMojo

The Genesis brand and its new models are expected to help raise Hyundai, Korea’s largest car manufacturer, in the global luxury car segment. This area will be relatively new to Hyundai. In this way, the Genesis brand will face strong competitors such as BMW and Audi. Hyundai Motor Vice President Yang Woong-chul said in a statement at the R & D center in Hwaseong: “we are offering a new luxury approach. Our products target customers who emphasize their own satisfaction rather than what others think. We will add the G80 and G70 sedan models to our range of sports pickup vehicles and sports coupe models as well as complete the world of our new luxury brand Genesis.”

Hyundai’s full-size sedan will inherit the Equus platform, which will also include the principles of driving pleasure and sportiness. Offering state-of-the-art safety features under the “man-centric luxury” concept, the Genesis G90, Mercedes S series, BMW 7 Series and Audi 8 models have even the qualities that compete with competitors, sometimes eclipsing them.

The most striking feature of the new model is the semi-autonomous driving program, which includes the highway driving assistance system. When the program is activated (on highways), the car can adjust its distance to the vehicles in front without driver intervention. The revised rear traffic warning system eliminates rear-facing dangers. Emergency rescue systems, including air bag activation, will also be available via the telematics program Blue Link.

Approximately 51.7% of the car’s body is made of ultra-durable steel, while 19 core parts are made of hot stamping.

Vehicle size:
Genesis G90: length 5,205 mm-axle opening 3,160 mm.

Genesis G90 limousine: length 5,495 mm – axle clearance 3450mm.

From the large front grille to the futuristic headlamps on the front and the rear lamps on the Equus, the exterior is lighter and more elegant. Improvements in the interior cabin are noticeable. Modern ergo seats provide the best driving position for drivers and offer relaxation, comfort and safety to other passengers in the car. The highway assistance system (hda) complements the quality of the driver’s concentration system (DAA), active voice design (ASD) and Hyundai variable control suspension (HVCs) inside the cabin.

Inspired by the first seat of the aircraft, “first class VIP seat” can be set to one-touch resting, reading and video viewing modes. These modern Ergo seats have been approved by the German Aktion Gesunder Rucken for superior comfort and back health protection.

The 3.3-liter turbo petrol direct injection engine with 6000 RPM has been added to the range. The 8-speed automatic transmission offers driving pleasure and high performance. Combined with a variable-controlled suspension, the Hyundai automatic four-wheel drive improves safety.

Properties of engines:

3.8 Lambda V6 GDI-334 hp

3.3 Lambda V6 turbo GDI – 370 hp

5.0 Tau V8 GDI-425 hp

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